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About Azur

Azur Group is a diversified conglomerate in India, dealing with hospitality, real estate, tourism and luxuries.Azur Group has its headquarter in Goa, India. 

At Azur we are helping you to explore the unexplored according to your needs and preferences. We deliver an extensive range of services. Our company has evolved and grown to cover the widest range of services at one single place. 

Our subsidiaries include:

AzurXps- It is a website curated for all your luxury travel needs and requirements. We provide you services along with in-depth information in regards to Luxury Villas, Private Yachts, Air Charters & Experiential Itineraries.

AzurDeals- It is a Real estate website based on real and virtual properties. We help you with outright, rental, barter, shared and business deals according to our needs and preferences.

Our Vision

At Azur we aim to provide our services at large. Thereby focusing on our customers according to their needs and preferences. By providing them a variety to choose from and to enhance their overall experience while using our services. We will ensure that the motivation for our success is our optimistic mindset, honesty, modesty and unified determination

Our Mission

We aim to pursue excellence for the benefit of our clients, the community and the environment.
To ensure that our positive attitude, personal passion, sincerity, humility and united determination, remain to be the driving forces that make us more successful.
To thrive on challenging opportunities and continue to inject new capital towards technology, in order to be the trendsetters in the fields of our businesses.
To create great value for all those we cater to, directly or indirectly.

Message from Founder

“Luxury is combination of quality service & comfort”

When we claim to provide Luxury, we not only mean fancy products, but also high quality services and extreme comfort.
And as the world watches India move into its most defining phase of growth, luxury experiences focused Azur Group has now made a swift shift to digital. With its diverse business portfolio in hospitality, tourism, events, and real estate, Azur Group’s shift to digital indicates an emerging trend in the leisure and services industry.

Led by a qualified team of professionals, our 360-degree ecosystem solutions are helping hotels, resorts, event venues, and property owners to leverage our technology support to reach out to their potential customers globally and engage with them effectively
As part of our national duty, we look forward to grow digitally into sectors where the country needs to establish a foothold.

Post COVID-19
We place high focus on providing reliable and truly luxurious, bespoke experiences to our customers. I am confident that our partnership with our partners will help us provide inspiring & safe escapades to our clients in the post-COVID-19 world.

Ankit Choudhary
Founder, Azur Group

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