At Azur we hire only the best and brightest because we know it takes great people to make a great company. We focus on the strength of teamwork, have a corporate spirit and foster a work atmosphere in which workers draw on the specific skills of each other to give a better outcome of work. 


Azur group provides the employees the best of all the resources, tools and opportunities. We have a fair pay policy, and our benefits plan gives employees and our families substantial benefits.

If you want a competitive working atmosphere in which you can see the direct effect and be rewarded for your success, then join Azur Group today.


Points to be noted:

  • The Azur Groups and its subsidiaries, we do not demand or accept money from Job Applicants


  • Any job offer for service charge, security deposit, processing fees and background checks etc. Regardless of being refundable or not, should be believed to be fraudulent.


  • Our domain name, such as is an authentic email that offers work from us. Please be aware that fraudsters disguised as members of Azur using fake URLs. Check and verify the email identity always.


  • Caution should be taken on any email, job offer, interview asking personal-related information, particularly when copied to Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail / Live domain email IDs.


  • In case if a job applicant has accepted the job in regards with payment in any form OR by any fraudulent individual, Azur Group and its member companies shall not be held liable or accountable.


  • Be vigilant about counterfeit websites, email ids, Facebook, Linkedin- pages. 


  • We reserve the right to take any action that we consider necessary.

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