The Loyalty program of Azur Group is loaded with extra discounts, complimentary benefits and rewards. 

In order to qualify for the loyalty program of Azur Group you need to get registered with us. For registration you could simply use your email address and fill in the required information and credentials.

After getting registered with us you need to login with your account. After logging in successfully you need to provide the relevant profile information including your birthday, your profile photos and a valid govt id for bookings.

You’ll receive a customised referral code for discounts and cashbacks. 

All the amount of discount, referral commission etc based on each booking will be converted into points. These points can be used in your next booking. 

You’ll be given the choice to redeem and use these points or prefer different modes of payment. At times people might be short of points for Upgrade or Renewal, then they can use their preferred mode of payment.

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